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Negotiations restart


Posted May 24 2018

The Jericho Wharf development has sprung back into life. The JWT is back in talks with the developer, the Strategic Iconic Assets Heritage Acquisition Fund. (SIAHAF) and – while there is some way to go – the discussions have been constructive and productive.

We also are encouraged by the aspirations of Chairman and CEO, Shuif Hussain, who says on the SIAHAF website:

“House building has reached a crossroad: soulless mass estates of “cookie cutter” houses are not the communities we want to grow up in. Building houses is not enough. Of course, building good quality houses that are fit for purpose is key, but equally important is the interaction of people that live in them. It needs to be all about the community, the neighbourhood.”


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Oxford Canal Festival

Sat 08 Sep - 12.00 pm Aristotle Lane recreation ground

Key questions and answers

Who has formed the Jericho Wharf Trust?

How will the development be maintained?

Who is developing the canalside site?

What is needed from the City Council?

Why is this site so significant?

When will the site be developed?

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