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<p>SIAHAF and the JWT now have an opportunity to unlock this development</p>

SIAHAF and the JWT now have an opportunity to unlock this development

Posted - Feb 09, 2016

Council presents legal agreement

Oxford City Council has presented developer SIAHAF with a draft legal agreement which secures development of all elements of the Jericho Wharf site.  It includes the requirement for the developer to construct the proposed boatyard facilities and to transfer them to the community, together with other land required for the community centre, on a freehold basis.

Phyllis Starkey, Chair of the Jericho Wharf Trust, said: “There has been very little progress since February last year when approval in principle was given to the developer’s proposals. The new document is an opportunity to move forward. We hope it will be welcomed by the developer, and that we can then meet with SIAHAF to discuss how we can together ensure the earliest possible construction of the community facilities.”

The proposals follow a decision by the Council planning committee, confirming the City’s vision for the development of this crucial site.

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