Planning officers produce rushed report

<p>Reports fails to address critical elements of the development, such as the financing of the boatyard and the community centre</p>

Reports fails to address critical elements of the development, such as the financing of the boatyard and the community centre

Posted - Jan 06, 2015

Recommend approval on January 13, although critical issues remain unresolved.

The Jericho canalside development is currently on the agenda for the West Area Planning Committee meeting on January 13.  The planning officer report recommends that the Committee members approve the application, subject to a raft of conditions and a legal agreement.

Jericho Wharf Trust Chair Phyllis Starkey says:

“We are pleased that the proposal for developing the site is now making its way through the planning process, because after lying derelict for so long the site must deliver badly-needed community facilities.  But after all these years it is disappointing that the officer recommendation still appears rushed.  In particular it seems to ignore a fundamental objection to the proposal – that it does not specify the delivery of the community facilities. Without these, the entire scheme fails to meet many of the Council’s own policy objectives.

“Instead, the scheme refers only to adjacent land being ‘made available’.  But how will that land be used? In fact we are still negotiating with the developer over the terms for delivering the boatyard, the community centre and the open spaces. This process needs to be completed and included as part of the submission to committee members. Otherwise it is difficult to make a sensible decision that does not risk becoming subject to a judicial review. This would be disappointing and costly for all parties.

“The Jericho Wharf Trust is still negotiating with the developer. The discussions are progressing well and it would be perfectly possible to agree terms within a reasonable period. This would allow the site to be developed with the full support of the community. We would urge members of the planning committee not to take any decision until these discussions are concluded.”

The officer report is avialable at the City Council website using the link below:




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