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Defending the City’s decision on Jericho Wharf

Make your views known to the Planning Inspector

<p>We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ensure a fair development on this critical site – fair to the developer, to local residents, and to the City of Oxfrod</p>
Nov 07 2022
Cornerstone appeals against refusal of planning permission

City Council must defend its decision

<p><i>Oliver Holland of Cornerstone Land at the Planning Committee meeting</i></p>
Oct 21 2022
How we move forward

Cornerstone’s planning application for Jericho Wharf has been refused. The City and community should now seize the initiative.

<p>Discussions with CRT have enabled JWT to identify options for a bridge into the square</p>
Jun 03 2022
Safeguarding this space

We must re-assert community priorities for this critical site.

<p><i>Left to right: the site includes the Dawson Place garages alongside the Church, the car park currently rented by College Cruisers, the previous boatyard dock, and the canal frontage to the bottom of Great Clarendon Street. Note the delineation is only approximate. This site, which was originally publicly owned, is the last possible location in Jericho for community facilities and affordable housing. </i></p>
Apr 29 2022
A resounding refusal

On March 23rd the Oxford City Council planning committee unanimously refused the application by Cornerstone Land for the development of Jericho Wharf.

<p><i>All ten members of the Planning Committee vote to refuse the application</i></p>
Mar 24 2022
Officers advise, Councillors decide

On March 23rd the City Council Planning Committee will decide on proposals for developing the Jericho Wharf site. This will be a crucial stage in a long-running saga of failed or unimplemented planning applications – and continuing community frustration. Unfortunately, this time the developer has fallen far short of what this unique site could offer.

<p>The Planning Committee meeting will be at 6.00 pm in the Town Hall on Wednesday March 23rd. It is also being livestreamed on the <a href=City Council YouTube channel

Mar 20 2022