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Question time

Developer to meet with Council officers

<p>Front-page Oxford Times article: “Chief executive Johnny Sandelson said all parties wanted a ‘positive outcome’ for the scheme.”</p>
Jun 30 2017
Unlocking Jericho Wharf

SIAHAF has the key

May 24 2017
Let’s build it

Council presents legal agreement

SIAHAF and the JWT now have an opportunity to unlock this development
Feb 09 2016
SIAHAF tries to renege on community commitments

Councillors reject developer’s new proposal

Councillors vote unanimously to require the developer to hand over freehold of the community facilities.
Jan 07 2016
Time to work together

Jericho Wharf gets planning permission

The West Area Planning Committee, chaired by Louise Upton (centre), has to ensure that the transfer agreement between SIAHAF and the JWT is fair and reasonable.
Apr 26 2016
Getting back on track

Planning committee to discuss Jericho Wharf

Jan 02 2016
City must hold SIAHAF to its commitments

Councillors will need to discuss application again

The northern part of the site, from the canal on the western side to Canal Street on the eastern side - indicating land ownershi
Jul 30 2015
On our way

Council gives conditional planning permission

Decision time. Standing: Johnny Sandelson of SIAHAF (left) and Committee Chair, Oscar Van Nooijen. Seated foreground, left to right, JWT trustees, Phyllis Starkey, Charlotte Christie, Bruce Heagarty, Henry Gibbon and David Feeny,
Feb 11 2015
Canalside planning discussion postponed

Off the agenda

Jan 12 2015
City Council to discuss SIAHAF application

The West Area Planning Committee should defer its decision on SIAHAF’s planning application

Feb 06 2015
Planning officers produce rushed report

Recommend approval on January 13, although critical issues remain unresolved.

<p>Reports fails to address critical elements of the development, such as the financing of the boatyard and the community centre</p>
Jan 06 2015
SIAHAF revises planning application

Two more weeks of public consultation

<p>The cloud-like graphics over this cross-section indicate the elements that have changed.</p>
Nov 19 2014
Need to address increased costs, and ownership and management of square

JWT response to planning application

<p>Illustrative view of the proposals from the north-west. Image: Haworth-Tompkins</p>
Aug 05 2014
JWT must be compensated for increased costs

Community meeting debates SIAHAF proposal

<p>Left to right, Steve Watts, Henry Gibbon, Phyllis Starkey, Charlotte Christie, and Matt Watts.</p>
Jul 22 2014
SIAHAF’s proposal

Current position on planning application

<p>Left, the boatyard docks with community centre hall above. Centre the winding hole for turning boats, the public square and the bridge. Right the restaurant and housing.</p>
Jul 14 2014
Jericho Wharf proposals could cost community an extra £1.6 million

Fundraising implications of SIAHAF plans

<p>Left to right: a tree on the canal bank, the canal, the community hall above the boatyard, and the new community centre. For scale, is the outline of St Barnabas Church.</p>
Jun 23 2014
Plans submitted to City Council

SIAHAF proposals for canalside development

May 19 2014
Consultations on SIAHAF proposals

Jericho residents give their views

Feb 23 2014
Plans for Jericho canalside site

Public consultations to start on February 7

<p>Artist’s impression of the proposed development, with the boatyard on the left, above which would be the hall of the new community centre.</p>
Jan 30 2014
Support for Council canalside plans.

Supplementary planning document published

<p>The Council plan lllustrates two site layouts - with the community centre  to the south of the square (left), or to the north (right)</p>
Dec 17 2013
Christmas concert

Raising funds for the Jericho Wharf project

Dec 03 2013
A chance to ‘unlock’ the canalside site

Discussions with potential developer

<p>The vacant canalside site</p>
Oct 25 2013
Canalside sale imminent

Announcement from Riach Architects

<p>Oxford Mail report. A link to this is at the end of the article.</p>
Oct 16 2013
City Council vision for the canalside site

Planning guidance for potential developers

<p>The SPD uses JWT’s massing sketch as  “An indicative illustrative drawing of the Framework Plan and design principles.”</p>
Sep 13 2013
Dawson Place for community use only

Bob Price confirms City Council policy

Jul 26 2013
City hopes to end canalside saga

Consultation on how the site should be developed

Jul 06 2013
Council to offer new planning guidance

More detailed requirements for the canalside site

Jun 25 2013
Fundraising concert at the Jericho Tavern

Jericho Singers perform for the Wharf

<p>The Jericho Singers gave a performance outside the boatyard gates on the Jubilee weekend in 2012.</p>
Apr 17 2013
Wharf Trust aims to establish common ground with site administrators

Discussions with PWC on how the site could best be developed

Mar 01 2013
Trust in talks to buy boatyard from administrators

The Oxford Times has reported on the latest stage of the negotiations

Feb 14 2013
Amended planning policies for the canalside site

The government inspector has now reported on the City’s Sites and Housing policy

Jan 06 2013
Key meeting arranged with administrators

Opportunity to take the next steps on acquring the site

Dec 20 2012
Hookup Concert

Jericho Singers raising funds for the Wharf Trust

Dec 10 2012
Branca adds £££s for Jericho

Local restaurant supports JWT project

<p>Card given to Branca diners</p>
Nov 26 2012
Jericho Wharf Trust argues for community priorities on the canalside site

Public hearing on Oxford City Council sites and housing policy

Sep 19 2012
Support for a diverse community, on land and on water

JWT submission on Oxford’s Local Plan

<p>Jericho has its ducks in a row. But we are still waiting for  the Wharf developer SIAHAF</p>
Aug 30 2017
Back to the drawing board

SIAHAF is developing new plans for Jericho Wharf

<p>For several years, SIAHAF has been displaying its proposals, but is now amending them</p>
Dec 04 2017
Watch this space

Negotiations restart

<p>The northern part of the site, including the Council-owned garages in Dawson Place, has been designated for community use. (Image: Google Maps)</p>
May 24 2018
Developer says work could start this summer

Progress report in Oxford Mail

Jan 30 2019