City hopes to end canalside saga

Consultation on how the site should be developed

Posted - Jul 06, 2013

The City Council has embarked on the process of securing a 'Supplementary Planning Document' for the derelict canalside site. This will offer a clear planning advice on how the site should be developed so as to make best use of it for the community of Jericho. This will cover such issues as the size and locations of buildings, how the canal frontage should be used and what characteristics of the area should be reflected in the design. Talking to the Oxford Times, councillor Colin Cook, the board member for city development and ward member for Jericho and Osney, said: “We are doing it to to give greater clarity on what is needed - to try to move things on and increase the chances of it being developed some time soon. There will be no second guessing or lengthy negotiations over what might be appropriate for the site and it will give greater clarity on the land value.” Jericho Wharf Trustee, Peter Stalker, said “Clearly, the more restrictions the council places on the site the tighter the guidelines any developer will have to work with." The initial consultation for the Supplementary Planning Document will take place at a 'drop-in' event on Wednesday July 10 at the Jericho Community Centre in Canal Street . Residents are encouraged to use this opportunity to give their ideas. The full story is available at the Oxford Times at: [url=][/url] Further information is also available from the Planning Policy team on 01865 252847 or