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Pre-planning consultation presentation

Posted - Jul 25, 2019

On July 12, at a well attended drop-in session at St. Barnabas Church, the developer, now called the Jericho Wharf Regeneration Company, presented the latest plans.

This was a pre-planning consultation, as the plans were still in flux. The developer has not yet made a planning application.

For the community facilities, the principal difference with the previous application is that these could now be built in two phases, to be completed either together or in sequence as funds became available. Phase 1 would include the boatyard and part of the community centre which would have enough facilities to run at a basic level. Phase 2 would build out the rest of the community centre needed for it to operate in the long term on a sustainable basis.

The developer is now proposing to build the boatyard and the shell of Phase 1 of the community centre, leaving the JWT to raise funds for the fit-out costs of Phase 1, and the construction of Phase 2. Part of the JWT’s ongoing concern is where the phasing line should be drawn.

The presentation took the form of a series of display boards, plus video displays in the form of ‘flythroughs’.

With the permission of the developer, the JWT has now made the plans available online.

You can see the presentation by clicking HERE.

You can also see the Oxford Times story by clicking HERE