Pre-planning consultion, July 12 2019

7. Materials and Inspiration

Posted - Jul 23, 2019

Within the wider context there is a large amount of brick, used in a variety of patterns and colours to bring distinction to residential blocks. Many dwellings are also treated with render, while St Barnabas Church is rendered with brick inlays.

The proposal looks to fit with this unique area and continue the use of pattern brickwork in the facade work. Houses will use a variety of textures and colours to bring emphasis to certain areas of the facade. A simple slate roof will fit with surroundings.

The lower levels will be treated with a grey brick. This links to the community centre proposals as well as emphasising the plinth on which the development sits. These darker grey bricks can be found in the surrounding streets and are used to add accents of detail.

The larger community building will use metal standing seam and timber slats, similar to those traditional on a riverside warehouse and fitted with large glazed windows to maximise views across the canal and towpath. Red brick will be used to the rear elevation as the building reduces in scale to meet the neighbouring residential units.

The steps and ramp leading to the church will be formed from the materials created by the demolition of existing buildings on site. This re-purposing will minimise waste produced by the development as well as ensuring the addition fits fully with the character of the area.

Detail material study of the proposed terraced townhouses
Materials palette used within scheme:
Recessed and elevated brick patterns are reflective of those typical to the Jericho area. These relief’s and voids bring prominence to certain areas of the building and start to mimic the undulating ‘backs’ of the traditional terrace. Brick patterning and variations in arrangement will also give emphasis to windows and edges, a modern take on the traditional style.