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Back to the drawing board

SIAHAF is developing new plans for Jericho Wharf


Posted December 04 2017

The developer of the Jericho Wharf site, SIAHAF, has decided to apply for a new planning permission for the site.  The Jericho Wharf Trust has not seen any new proposals but understands that these will involve reconfiguring the layout of the community facilities.

Jericho Wharf Chair Phyllis Starkey says: “This is not the news we have been hoping for. The Jericho Wharf Trust has worked hard with the developer over several years, investing considerable amounts of time, energy and money, to agree plans that met the aspirations of the people of Jericho and the city of Oxford for this iconic site.”

“Nevertheless, we have agreed to work closely with SIAHAF again, to ensure that the new proposals also deliver what is needed. In particular, there should be a working Boatyard, a lively public square, and a fully functioning, and sustainable, Community Centre – facilities that the people of Jericho, the boating community and the City Council have been planning for many years. Since any further delay to these facilities would be a great disappointment to everyone, it is important that SIAHAF manage to stay with their declared intention to start construction work before the end of 2018”

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