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SIAHAF has the key


Posted May 24 2017

You may have wondered why no update, and no sign of development on the site. The Jericho Wharf Trust is continuing to play its part in keeping the show on the road, but the developer is not.

A year ago, in April 2016, the developer SIAHAF gained planning permission for the development of the Wharf site. This was the culmination…


Jericho Wharf Trust

The Jericho Wharf Trust is responsible for all aspects of the campaign to develop the Jericho Wharf canalside site In Oxford on behalf of the community

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Key questions and answers

Why is this site so significant?

What is needed from the developer?

What will the development consist of?

Who is contributing the land for community facilities?

When will the site be developed?

When will the City Council decide on the application?

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