Plans submitted to City Council

Posted - May 19, 2014

SIAHAF proposals for canalside development

The Strategic Iconic Assets Heritage Acquisition Fund (SIAHAF) has now submitted plans for the canalside site to Oxford City Council. It will take a few days for the Council to check that the application and information they have supplied is sufficient. It is likely to be a couple of weeks before the application appears on the Council’s website.

From the time of submission the overall process is likely to take 13 weeks during which there is a six-week period for public consultation. The Jericho Community Association is planning to hold a public meeting on the plans sometime in June. The organisations involved in the JWT (the Jericho Community Association, the Jericho Community Boatyard, the Jericho Living Heritage Trust and the the St Barnabas Parochial Church Council) will be responding to the Council once they have analysed the detail of the application.

Since the earlier public consultation in Jericho the architects Haworth Tompkins say they have made a number of changes. These include:

• Height of terraced houses reduced and solar panels added
• Back alley for terraced houses to provide access for bins and bikes
• New brickwork for buildings to match local use of red brick
• Slimmed-down gable on restaurant
• Community centre interior changed and front entrance moved to face square
• Bridge across canal moved further south.

There is an article on the submission in the Oxford Mail.