SIAHAF revises planning application

<p>The cloud-like graphics over this cross-section indicate the elements that have changed.</p>

The cloud-like graphics over this cross-section indicate the elements that have changed.

Posted - Nov 19, 2014

Two more weeks of public consultation

The Strategic Iconic Assets Heritage Acquisition Fund has revised its proposals for the development of the canalside site. This is in response to comments from individuals as well as from various institutions, including English Heritage, the Canal and River Trust, and the City Council. They have also consulted with the JWT.

From the JWT’s perspective there are three major changes.

First, a change in the roof of the community centre hall to alter the shape and reduce the height. This appears to be a improvement on the previous submission.

Second, the bridge has been moved from the square to the bottom of Great Clarendon Street. This is primarily to take into account the concerns of the Canal and River Trust which had objected to the previous location. This will, however, have a major impact on the liveliness of the square, and will reduce the potential for passing trade for the restaurant and the community centre cafe.

Third, the size of the community building has been reduced, with some internal reconfiguration. This was in response to a request from the City planners. Although the ground floor space has been retained, the building now ‘steps in’ by around 1.5 metres on the second and third storeys at the Canal Street end. The reconfiguration reduces the size of a boatyard workshop and the chandlery and significantly cuts the sizes of some rooms in the community centre. These changes will reduce the potential income.

JWT Chair Phyllis Starkey says: “We appreciate the work that the architects have done to address various concerns. However, this revision is only one part of the application. There are still many other issues that need to be resolved – and which we are still discussing with SIAHAF”.

These new proposals are now out for public consultation, with the deadline for comments as December 5. This could allow for the application to be discussed by the Central and West Area Planning Committee on December 10.

To see the revised proposals, please visit the City Council planning website, and use the application number: 14/01441/FUL