Unlocking Jericho Wharf

Posted - May 24, 2017

SIAHAF has the key

You may have wondered why no update, and no sign of development on the site. The Jericho Wharf Trust is continuing to play its part in keeping the show on the road, but the developer is not.

A year ago, in April 2016, the developer SIAHAF gained planning permission for the development of the Wharf site. This was the culmination of a long and productive process. Johnny Sandelson of SIAHAF had declared his intention of ‘unlocking’ the conflicted canalside site by working closely with all parties. The JWT would get the northern part of the site for community purposes, and manage the square, while SIAHAF would develop housing south of the square.

True to his word, Mr Sandelson embarked on this process. Also, to the delight of Jericho residents, he appointed as architects Haworth-Tomkins, whom the JWT had used for its own earlier plans for the site. Haworth-Tomkins were thus able to work closely with the JWT for over a year to agree detailed plans for the boatyard and community centre. These plans were then an integral part of the SIAHAF planning application which was approved a year ago. SIAHAF’s next task was to prepare and sign the corresponding legal agreements with the City Council, the Canal and Rivers Trust, and the Jericho Wharf Trust. The agreement with the JWT would include the freehold for the northern part of the site, covering the boatyard and the land for the community centre.

Meanwhile, the JWT carried on with its own work, preparing for the fundraising drive that will be triggered once our agreement with SIAHAF is in place. We are poised to get this exciting development underway.

Johnny Sandelson vowed to unlock the canalside site. And if he did so, he would certainly earn the gratitude of Jericho and the rest of Oxford. With a full planning permission, he has the key in his hand……


The Jericho Wharf Trust will have a stall at the Jericho Street Fair on June 10.
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